Natural Park of Los Calares del Rio Mundo and Sima


It was declared a Natural Park by law 3/2005, may 5.


It consists of the locations denominated Calar del Mundo, Calar de En Medio, Chorros del río Mundo, Poljé de la Cañada de los Mojones, Sierra del Cujón and Calar de la Sima, by the municipal boundaries of, Cotillas, Molinicos, Riópar, Víanos, Villaverde del Guadalimar and Yeste, all in the province of Albacete.


This space contains a karst of extraordinary development and wealth of forms, as well as a great botanic and landscape diversity and a superb level of conservation of its ecosystems, which gives it exceptional importance from the point of view of the conservation of the geological heritage, biodiversity and the landscape of Castilla - La Mancha.


"Calar del Mundo"


"Arroyo Frío" 


"Riópar Viejo"


"Rio Mundo"



Iberian Fauna

In vertebrate fauna 174 species have been listed: 6 are fish, 8 correspond to amphibians, 17 are reptiles, 109 belong to the group of birds and 34 are mammals. Stand out the Golden Eagle, Bonelli's Eagle, Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Griffon Vulture, Mountain Goat, Deer, Mouflon, Wild Boar, Squirrel, etc. More than 140 species have been classified in invertebrate fauna. Include the butterfly Graellsia isabellae, the Odonato Coenagrion mercuriale and a moth the Euphydryas aurinia:

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