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The mountain range offers a multitude of activities to perform, from cultural tours, adventure sports, quad-biking, horseback riding, mountain biking paths, caving, hiking and delight and contemplation of nature, as it is the well-known place of the birth of the river


Riópar Viejo

Riópar municipality comprises a historical-cultural old town, Riópar Viejo, which was the medieval village, now restored, located a few kilometers to the West of the modern Riópar.


Iglesia del Espíritu Santo

The Parish Church of the Holy Spirit, built in the 15th century, is situated in Riópar Viejo, where it was discovered a few years ago, a few very important frescoes concealed behind the altar


Museo de las Reales Fábricas de Bronce

The tour of the Museum of the Royal Factories will take you to witness real industrial jewels, such as machinery from Napoleonic France. But best of all is that the Museum born with an interactive vocation, since it is permissible to touch parts that are stored within its premises. It is specially designed so you can work your own creation with chisel and lathe. Recently declared Site of Cultural Interest.



The mountain range has many spots worth getting lost for simply contemplate the nature and breathe fresh air. If you want to see more natural areas and sites of interest, take a look at the environment.



If you want to see more natural areas and sites of interest, take a look at the environment.

See environment



4 x 4 and horseback riding routes

To see the location of Riópar nothing better than a excursion. For that there is a specialized company that makes concerted routes.

Rutas en bici


Para amantes de la bicicleta de montaña

Tienes una amplia de rutas y senderos para disfrutar de la montaña en su esplendor. Te dejamos enlaces para que averigues por ti mismo


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